Palmetto Pharmaceuticals is a drug development company recently formed from the leveraged purchase of substantially all of the assets of eNOS Pharmaceuticals of Cambridge,MA and certain intellectual property assets of Angiogenix,Inc of San Francisco,CA. These two companies had done extensive pre-clinical and clinical work on the development of combination therapies that addressed the improved endothelial function and enhanced blood flow resulting when the amino acid L-arginine was administered with statins.

Palmetto Pharmaceuticals has been able to take the data developed over the past decade and formulate a clinical strategy that neither eNOS nor Angiogenix was able to pursue because of competitive IP positions and incomplete understanding of the entire body of data and intellectual property that collectively had been developed. Palmetto has acquired the the key assets from each company and is in a position to exploit the resulting synergy with a clear,concise clinical plan that addresses the $30 billion lipid management market. We have shown the the combination of our sustained release L-arginine and statin significantly reduces triglycerides beyond that by statin alone, and have exceptional intellectual property protection.

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